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about me

I'm @almosteverywhere

Available for remote consulting and contracting opportunities. Experienced on distributed, remote teams.


Web: Python, Django, AWS, Redshift, Redis, MySQL, PosgreSQL, JavaScript, flask, some node

Data: Airflow, pandas

Machine learning: NLTK, scikit-learn

Scraping and Natural Language Processing: lxml, Beautiful Soup, Pattern

Payment processing: Stripe API, Adyen API

Tools: git, pdb, Jupyter Notebook, Sublime

Latest Work:

Conference talks:

Upcoming: "Beyond scraping: how to use machine learning when you're not sure where to start", PyCon 2018

"Analyzing rap lyrics using Python", PyCon (My favorite talk; I got to play Biggie Smalls on the PyCon stage! Was praised by many as best talk that year.)

"Using machine learning to extract the publication date of news articles online", PyData SF

"What I did on my summer vacation, or 'Attending Hacker School in NYC', Montreal Python User Group

"How Bangkok wakes up: what happens in Bangkok at 5, 6, 7 am", Pecha Kucha Tokyo

"Analyzing rap lyrics using Python", Strange Loop

"Analyzing rap lyrics using python", Montreal Python Users Group, lightning talk

"How Bangkok wakes up", documentary photography on what happens in Bangkok at 6,7,8 am, TEDxBKK

Other talks at Barcamp Montreal and Barcamp Bangkok


I have a Bachelors of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada.

I attended Hacker School (now Recurse Center) in NYC.